Mould – Daisy needle felting


Ideal for creating 3D and flat embellishments out of fibre.

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Ideal for creating 3D and flat embellishments out of fibre. Suitable for use with item JP8901 pen tool, or a single needle. Includes detailed instructions in several languages.

Needle felting moulds are great if you need a repeated effect, or you want to create something that looks nice and you don’t consider yourself very “arty” . They are simple to use and contain good instructions. In addition to this, for an extra 50p, I will include a hints and tips hand out that tells you what the instructions don’t, and gives you a head start. I don’t hold the full Clover raange in stock, but the moulds I do stock give the best results in my experience. I am able to get others, and if I don’t see what you are looking for, then get in touch and I’ll do my best to get it in.

Joan’s tip: The daisy is a bit more intricate to do, but creates a lovely result, not one to start on if you’ve never used a mould before, but moves on again from the Pansy mould.


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